As the Executive Director of the Charleston County Medical Society, Margaret Mays also manages the Charleston Orthopedic Society (COS). Last night the COS welcomed Adam Gorlitsky founder of as the dinner speaker. Many doctors turned out to hear Adam’s story.

Eleven years ago Adam briefly fell asleep at the wheel and those few seconds change his life forever. Adam was paralyzed from the belly button down and has been in a wheelchair ever since. Adam was determined to walk again and last year Adam was fitted with an 85 thousand dollar exoskeleton made in Isreal and not covered by insurance. Adam is determined to help others like him walk again so goal is to walk one million steps to raise the money needed for others to “get legs”.

In 2016 Adam completed the Cooper River Bridge Run – it took him 7 hours and over 17,000 steps to complete the race but he did it and has plans for many more races!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!