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406, 2020

Update : PPE Project – President’s Message

June 4th, 2020|

What started as a local solution exactly 2 months ago to address the acute need for Doctors to obtain PPE has morphed into a national project!  Working with groups like ours, has coordinated and delivered 1.2 million units of PPE to Doctors and other care providers to over a dozen organizations to date!  New groups are joining weekly.  Great things are coming for CCMS as the founding group of this growing project. 

The last major shipment of PPE is on its way to Charleston!  We plan the last bulk distribution on Saturday June 13th.   WHY LAST?!  Because … we will soon be able to provide Direct shipping!  PPE products will be picked/packed/shipped from a central warehouse in the US and sent directly to our offices!   We plan to roll out the new system within the next two weeks. 


CCMS is TIRELESSLY working for you.

Marcelo Hochman MD


2805, 2020

Update : PPE Project Shipment

May 28th, 2020|

Our next shipment has arrived in Dallas.  The supplies are waiting for clearance from Customs in preparation for shipping to Charleston.  Once we receive the shipment, we will confirm that all the supplies have been sent.

We will then allocate and plan the 3rd distribution.

This should be our final distribution before we transition to direct shipping from the warehouse to your doorstep!

Stay tuned for updated information.

2205, 2020

Update : No distribution on Memorial Day weekend

May 22nd, 2020|

The 2nd PPE PROJECT Distribution last weekend was bigger than the first – and a little more complicated.  Due to delay in arrival to Charleston, some Face Shields, Type II masks and Gowns did not make it into the personalized box.  Some items also got mixed up in the packing/allocation process.  We are aware of the specific issues at each Site and with each order.  We are taking this long weekend to re-group and set the stage to address everything.  In the meantime, another shipment has arrived and we will combine and complete our orders.  You will be updated as we have information this coming week.

CCMS’ PPE PROJECT has grown organically with several states and medical organizations joining our platform.  We have coordinated nearly 1 million units of PPE for Doctors!  Remember, the site is ongoing, you can place orders to replace your burn-through rate of PPE.  We have added nitrile gloves and expect to offer hand sanitizer soon.

We are morphing into a true e-commerce site and will very soon announce the availability of DIRECT SHIPMENT to our offices!  We will keep you posted as we roll this out.  Many of the bumps along the road we’ve built will be leveled as we become more sophisticated.

As we all re-open our practices, it is comforting to know that we have PPE supplies to safely take care of our Staff, patients, families and ourselves.

I appreciate your support, patience and understanding – CCMS and our partners are working really hard for you.

Marcelo Hochman MD

843.819.4666 mobile

ps: There will be no distribution of PPE during this Memorial Day weekend. 

1505, 2020

Tomorrow (SATURDAY MAY 16th) Important Update

May 15th, 2020|


Not all the FACE SHIELDS have arrived in time – they are still in transit from Chicago. We will distribute those next week.
The Type IIR Surgical Masks have still not arrived – we have sourced from a new supplier and should be here next week.

All Sites will be open TOMORROW (Saturday) from 8:30 am until 1:00 pm. We only have access to the facilities during this time window.
Your order will be ready for pickup at the SITE you designated when placing your order.
We do not have the capability to store PPE that is not picked up tomorrow. Please plan accordingly.


Charleston: 4400 Leeds Ave; North Charleston, SC 29405
Columbia: 9710 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223
Greenville: 1000 Executive Center Drive, SC 29615

Please Thank the Volunteers at Your Site – They Spent All Day Preparing Boxes for US

Dana Holladay
Administrator, CCMS

1505, 2020

Tomorrow (SATURDAY MAY 16th) is our Second PPE PICKUP DAY! 

May 15th, 2020|

Tomorrow (SATURDAY MAY 16th) is our Second PPE PICKUP DAY! 

HUGE shipment arrived on our big ol’ truck from Texas.  The sites in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville were set up today.  Each order is being boxed individually with care by our volunteers.  Another flight arrived in the US last night and more products headed our way next week.  Our process is becoming streamlined and reliable.

Note this IMPORTANT INFORMATION and plan your day accordingly:

  1. Your order will be ready for pickup at the SITE you designated when placing the order.
  2. All Sites will be open from 8:30am until 1:00 pm.  We only have access to the facilities during this time window.
  3. We do not have capability to store PPE that is not picked up tomorrow.  Please plan accordingly.

Charleston:  4400 Leeds Ave; North Charleston, SC 29405
Columbia:    9710 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223
Greenville:  1000 Executive Center Drive, SC 29615

  1. There will be a LEAD person at each site to whom all inquiries should be directed.  Our volunteers are there to help us.  Please acknowledge them.

CCMS is working. Hard.  For DOCTORS and our patients.

Marcelo Hochman, MD
Charleston County Medical Society

1405, 2020

PPE Project Distribution Update

May 14th, 2020|

Our truck is scheduled to arrive in Charleston at the warehouse tomorrow – Friday morning.

The supplies will be unpacked and allocated tomorrow.

We plan to distribute the PPE in Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville on Saturday, May 16, 2020.
Please continue to check your emails and our website for updates regarding the details.

Dana Holladay

Charleston County Medical Society