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Interview with Dr. Durst

Summary: On the Health Links Podcast, hosted by DJ Thatcher, Dr. K Durst discusses the vital role of the Charleston County Medical Society in South Carolina, emphasizing its long history since 1749, efforts in physician wellness, and initiatives like the "Closing the Gap in Healthcare" program led by Dr. Thaddeus Bell to address health disparities, particularly in minority communities.

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$15 billion win for physicians

For doctors in Charleston, SC, the new CMS rule on prior authorization could mean a major reduction in administrative burdens, allowing for quicker patient care. It specifically aims to streamline the prior authorization process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. This could result in significant savings and improved healthcare delivery in Charleston and beyond. TLDR: The CMS rule change on prior authorization could greatly benefit Charleston, SC doctors by reducing paperwork and expediting patient care.

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Lifestyle Medicine: A Better Way to Better Health

HealthLinks Charleston Magazine has featured Dr. Lisa Ference on how lifestyle medicine addresses the root causes of chronic disease.  Dr. Ference is a lifestyle medical doctor focusing on six pillars of lifestyle medicine.  Read "Lifestyle Medicine: A Better Way To Better Health."

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Welcome to our informative blog on financial arrangements that can help you reduce your taxes annually and maximize your wealth growth potential. In this article, we will explore the basics of taxes and taxation, discuss different tax brackets, and delve into various financial tools, investment options, and cost-reduction strategies that can optimize your long-term financial success. Additionally, we will share real-life client stories and testimonials to illustrate how we have helped individuals like you reduce their tax burden and achieve their wealth-building goals.  Understanding Taxes and Taxation Basics  Before we dive into specific strategies, let's establish a solid [...]

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Creating a Practice That’s a Well-Oiled Machine – Hub & Spoke Model by Steven Huskey

As a doctor or medical practice owner, it's easy to become consumed by your work.  After all, you've built your business from the ground up and put in countless hours of hard work to get where you are today.  However, it's important to remember that your practice is not just an extension of yourself – it's a separate entity that should be able to operate independently of you.  One way to achieve this is by avoiding the hub and spoke model. The hub and spoke model is a common approach to running a practice, where the owning physician [...]

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As Clear As a Bell

HealthLinks Charleston Magazine has featured Dr. Thaddeus J. Bell's distinguished professional journey before the onset of the pandemic. Since then, significant developments have occurred in his professional trajectory. For further insights, we invite you to explore Dr. Bell's latest updates in the article entitled, "As Clear as a Bell"- September/October 2023 Edition of HealthLinks Charleston Magazine. 

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Frozen in Time: More Women Are Freezing Their Eggs

"Female fertility preservation allows a woman to take eggs that she would naturally be losing each month and save them for use later in life", said CCMS member, Dr. Jeris Cox.  Read more of "Frozen in Time: Women are Freezing Their Eggs" -  July/August 2023 Edition of HealthLinks Charleston Magazine.

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President’s Corner- 2023 Annual Meeting and Other Updates

Exciting news!  Our Annual Meeting on November 16th, 2023, is just around the corner, and we can't wait to see you there.  It's an excellent chance for networking and idea sharing.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  We're thrilled to announce the launch of the new CCMS Mentorship Program,  Physicians in Training (PIT), where experienced doctors will guide and support medical students.  Also, remember to attend our Medical Mingle Socials for some fun and connection. We look forward to a great day on November 16th!  Please RSVP by Friday, November 3, 2023. I appreciate your dedication to the CCMS.  Please reach out to us if [...]

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Join the Docs Adopt Program!

What is Docs Adopt? Docs Adopt partners physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with local schools to serve on the school wellness committee.  This initiative offers physicians a structured opportunity to provide support, knowledge, and motivation to schools as they implement evidence-based strategies and promote a culture of wellness.  No clinical responsibilities or services are rendered as part of this volunteer role. How Do I Adopt A School? The process is straightforward.  Please complete this Volunteer Registration Form to initiate the enrollment process.  Over 50 schools participate in the Docs Adopt Program.  Currently, seven schools are accepting volunteers.  If [...]

President’s Corner- Focus on Your Health

I hope September is going well for you.  This month is the beginning of fall flu season and COVID.  Please take care of yourselves.   September is women's physician month and physician suicide prevention month.  Please focus on your physical and mental health- reserve time to pause and rest.  If you or a colleague are struggling, please get in touch with a mentor or the physician's health line.  You are an essential part of health care, and we want to uplift physicians and reduce burnout. Thanks to all who worked hard to support the Lowcountry Jazz Festival and Closing [...]

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President’s Corner- The CCMS Mentorship Program

August is such an exciting time!  We still have a few weeks of summer left and an opportunity to prepare for the school year and football season.  I hope you are focused on healthy eating, wellness, and a Personal Health Improvement Project (PHIP). CCMS is spearheading a new mentorship program called Physicians in Training (PIT).  The CCMS PIT Mentorship Program Needs You!  Register here to become a PIT Mentor or email our Executive Director, Tracey Waring, if you have any questions. CCMS is looking forward to September and the Lowcountry Jazz Festival.  There will be a white party at the new [...]

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COVID and Other Respiratory Pathogens Continue (UPDATE)

The 2020-2023 Tridemics of COVID, Influenza, and RSV required all medical professionals to keep up to date with updated legitimate scientific information and with public health/ I.D. experts from whom they can get appropriate information.  The collateral epidemic is one of misinformation (and nefarious disinformation), accompanied by an increasing distrust in medical science (especially public health) and our various healthcare professionals. We all must work hard to remedy this distrust. A Study estimates 6-times-higher odds of COVID in households amid Omicron The odds of SARS-CoV-2 infection were 6.2 times greater among household contacts during the Omicron variant wave [...]

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Tips for Physicians to Pay Students Loans Efficiently

Paying down student loans efficiently is a common concern for many physicians, given the high cost of medical education. Here are some strategies that can help physicians tackle their student loans more effectively: Create a budget: Start by assessing your income, expenses, and financial goals. Develop a realistic budget that allows you to allocate a certain portion of your income specifically towards student loan payments. Explore loan repayment options: Physicians may qualify for various loan repayment programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or income-driven repayment plans (e.g., REPAYE, PAYE, or IBR). These programs can potentially lower [...]

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President’s Corner- Enjoy the Summertime

As the end of June comes to a close and we approach the beginning of July, we will never forget what the term JULY 1 means as a resident and an attending.  Good thoughts and many wishes to our graduating students, residents, and those who help train future doctors. We are excited about all the work behind the scenes with CCMS.  We look forward to our Lowcountry Jazz collaboration with Closing the Gap in Health Care in September.  Get ready for the Lowcountry Jazz Festival, more news to come regarding tickets for you.  Many thanks to our hard-working Health Committee [...]

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Late Bloomer Docs: Retirement Game Plan

As with any profession, physicians need to plan for retirement. However, those who enter the medical field later in life may face unique challenges when it comes to preparing for their golden years. Here are some tips for physicians with a late start in the medical industry who are planning for retirement. 1. Maximize retirement contributions One of the easiest ways for physicians to prepare for retirement is to maximize their retirement contributions. This can include contributing the maximum amount allowed to their employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), as well as making additional contributions [...]

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Watch our president take the cold plunge!!

A Great Time Was Had By All! The event at Synchronicity was a blast!  Everyone enjoyed visiting and learning about the services Modern Minds and Synchronicity offer. Dr. Kevin Gray, Chief Medical Officer, Modern Minds, demonstrated cryotherapy. Dr. Kay Durst, President, CCMS, demonstrated the cold plunge. Take a look at our photos! See all the photos! Location:1513 Mathis Ferry Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

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Medical Mingle #3 ~ Let’s Get Together!

Our 3rd Medical Mingle! ALL Charleston physicians are invited to attend an informal social gathering in January at the Crab House on James Island. Students, Residents, and Fellows are all welcome. Invite a colleague to introduce! Important: Please email your name and any guests to now, so we can plan accordingly. Appetizers will be provided by CCMS. Masks are optional. Location: 145 Wappoo Creek Dr, Charleston, SC 29412 Let Dana know if you are planning to stop by so we have enough appetizers! RSVP Here

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2022 Annual Membership Meeting

VIEW PHOTOS OF THE MEETING In case you didn't get a chance to visit our sponsors, here is more information about them and how to contact them: CellSEP, LLC Fulcrum Risk Solutions PNC Bank Sleep Better South Carolina ProSomnus Technologies Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC Crescent Hospice FitLIFE HHK Healthcare Marketing Specialists Healthlinks Heartland Home Foods Independent Optical Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 6:00       Registration/Cocktails/Social 6:45       Welcome/Call to Order - Dr. Cleave Ham 6:50       Invocation 6:55       In Memoriam, CCMS members 2021-22 – Dr. Biemann Othersen Robert H. Bowles, MD, September 3, 1942 – August 19, 2022 [...]

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CCMS Officers To Be Elected

Charleston County Medical Society 2020 Annual Meeting – Election of Directors and Officers The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Charleston County Medical Society (“CCMS”) has been scheduled for January 14, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the safety of CCMS members, the Board of Directors has decided to hold the Annual Meeting virtually, by videoconference. In light of the virtual format, the Board of Directors is providing these electronic ballots to enable CCMS’ voting members (“Membership”) the opportunity to elect CCMS directors and officers in advance of the Annual Meeting. Those who seek to [...]

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UPDATE: PPE Shipped Directly To Your Location

Our PPE Project has grown and matured into a full-featured e-commerce system. It's called Health professionals can buy the PPE they need and have them directly shipped to your location.

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Update : No distribution on Memorial Day weekend

The 2nd PPE PROJECT Distribution last weekend was bigger than the first – and a little more complicated.  Due to delay in arrival to Charleston, some Face Shields, Type II masks and Gowns did not make it into the personalized box.  Some items also got mixed up in the packing/allocation process.  We are aware of the specific issues at each Site and with each order.  We are taking this long weekend to re-group and set the stage to address everything.  In the meantime, another shipment has arrived and we will combine and complete our orders.  You will be updated [...]

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Tomorrow (SATURDAY MAY 16th) is our Second PPE PICKUP DAY! 

Tomorrow (SATURDAY MAY 16th) is our Second PPE PICKUP DAY!  HUGE shipment arrived on our big ol’ truck from Texas.  The sites in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville were set up today.  Each order is being boxed individually with care by our volunteers.  Another flight arrived in the US last night and more products headed our way next week.  Our process is becoming streamlined and reliable. Note this IMPORTANT INFORMATION and plan your day accordingly: Your order will be ready for pickup at the SITE you designated when placing the order. All Sites will be open from 8:30am until 1:00 pm.  We only [...]

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Coronavirus Information

Recently, Dr. Robert Ball, a researcher and certified infectious disease specialist, provided a presentation further detailing what residents should know about the coronavirus.  [Post and Courier] [pdf] The Public Health Committee is providing public access to the presentation and future updates. Dr. Ball is maintaining updated versions with more information. You can view all updates here.

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We are pleased to add Face Shields to the PPE PROJECT. Use this link to order.

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You have reached the PPE PROJECT STATUS site This is where we will post updates on the combined order in which you are participating such as shipping, arrival, pick-up, etc

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Burnt Toast

I recently heard from a local physician who decided to take a ‘sabbatical’ from the practice of medicine. The ‘bureaucracy’ of daily practice, ‘lack of control’ and ‘feeling disrespected’ all contributed to the doctor’s decision to step away. I quote the email I received - ‘My toast is burnt’. This sentiment, fellow Doctors, is an increasingly common occurrence. Physicians are feeling burdened and increasingly isolated in their places of employment. In fact, the graphic below mimics almost exactly our Charleston Doctor’s complaints: Another sobering fact is that Doctors have higher rates of depressive symptoms and suicide risk than the [...]

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Forgotten in ‘America’s Forgotten Pandemic’: African Americans and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Waring’s Joseph I. Waring Jr. Lecture to focus on 1918 Influenza Epidemic Dr. Vanessa Northington Gamble internationally recognized scholar on the history of race and American medicine CHARLESTON, SC (March 28, 2019) – Dr. Vanessa Northington Gamble will present the 2019 Joseph I. Waring Jr. Lecture, entitled, "Forgotten in ‘America’s Forgotten Pandemic’: African Americans and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic". Her talk is timed to commemorate the centennial of the 1918 influenza, which was particularly virulent in Charleston from October to November 1918. The lecture, hosted by MUSC’s Waring Historical Library, will be held Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. [...]

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Letter to Governor McMaster re Opioid blame.

Dear Governor McMaster,The physicians of the Charleston County Medical Society would like to make you aware of our Commentary which appeared on Saturday, August 10, 2018, in the Post and Courier ( and which is attached to this letter.As stated, we welcome the attention to the issue of opioid-related deaths, dependence, and addiction. However, we strongly believe that the focus on restrictive and punitive controls on prescriptions is misplaced and will result in further detriment to our patients - your constituents. The national narrative in expert circles supports our position as do the greater than 5000 Tweets that [...]

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CCMS question addressed at GOP Gubernatorial Runoff Debate

One of the CCMS questions was included in the recent GOP Gubernatorial Runoff Debate. Live from the Newberry Opera House; Governor Henry McMaster and John Warren debate.

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CCMS is helping to make Doctors relevant in mid-terms

The physicians of the Charleston County Medical Society request that the candidates for governor of South Carolina publicly detail their positions on the topic of health care prior to the June primaries. Health care has been identified as the top concern for the mid-term elections in various polls and, as doctors and our patients’ advocates, we believe certain issues that specifically affect South Carolina should be addressed by the candidates. The topics below have been identified as being important to the sanctity of the reciprocal doctor-patient relationship, to provide opportunities for innovation in delivery of high-quality care at a [...]

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Take Back Day ~ Return your meds on Saturday, April 28th

The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet. The DEA’s Take-Back Day events provide an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths. The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans [...]

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DHEC published new flu numbers for South Carolina: It keeps getting worse

As flu numbers continue to increase we all need to take precautions. Local hospitals are taking precautions by limiting visitors. All people are encouraged to get the flu shot - it is not too late and it will lessen the severity if you should contract the flu. "You’re not just trying to protect yourself, you‘re trying to protect those vulnerable people around you — the young and the elderly." Read the full article.

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Computers With A Cause

After sorting through the mail, Dr. Bobby Baker (CCMS member) saw DELL was having a huge Black Friday sale. He tossed the flyer into the recycling bin after realizing he didn’t need a new laptop. Then it dawned on him that there were definitely those who could really use one, so he got the flyer out of the trash. Read the full interview here: The GoFundMe campaign is here: Go to the GoFundme campaign to donate

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Behind the Bullets: An Epidemiologic Review of Firearm Injury and Death in the U.S. and a Public Health Approach to Reducing the Epidemic of Firearm Violence

This program was presented at MUSC College of Medicine Grand Round on September 28, 2017 by Drs. Robert Ball and Ashley Hink.  This program will next be given at the Charleston Library Society on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 6pm. For more information call 843-723-9912 Download the PDF: "Behind the Bullets"  View the presentation "Behind the Bullets"

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Take Back Day ~ Return your meds on Saturday, October 28th

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet. The DEA’s Take Back Day events provide an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths. Saturday, October 28th 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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CCMS Docs Adopt ~ Rising Star Award

The CCMS School Health Committee works with MUSC Children’s Hospital Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness to promote wellness.  Many Charleston County Schools participate in the  Docs Adopt School Health Initiative© and have a doctor serve on their wellness committee.  Recently CCMS President Todd Schlesinger presented the CCMS Rising Star Award to the school that should the most improvement in the wellness scores. DocsAdopt Rising Star Award (pdf)

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Public Hearing : House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee

Public Hearing that the House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee will be holding in Charleston on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 from 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.  The Public Hearing will be held at a meeting room at Trident Technical College, room to be announced. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   April 24, 2017   Speaker Lucas Creates House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee Tasks Group with Finding Legislative Solutions to Curb Epidemic (Columbia, SC) – House Speaker Jay Lucas (District 65-Darlington) issued the following statement today upon appointing and creating the House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee. This group will begin [...]

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CCMS friend elected chairman of the American Medical Association

Gerald Harmon, a family doctor with a long history of practice and physician advocacy in South Carolina, has been elected chairman of the American Medical Association. Harmon is a member of the S.C. Medical Association and served on its board and as its president. He has practiced medicine in Georgetown County for more than three decades. He grew up in Newberry and also serves as a clinical professor of family medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina. Source: Post&Courier

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I got legs

As the Executive Director of the Charleston County Medical Society, Margaret Mays also manages the Charleston Orthopedic Society (COS). Last night the COS welcomed Adam Gorlitsky founder of as the dinner speaker. Many doctors turned out to hear Adam’s story. Eleven years ago Adam briefly fell asleep at the wheel and those few seconds change his life forever. Adam was paralyzed from the belly button down and has been in a wheelchair ever since. Adam was determined to walk again and last year Adam was fitted with an 85 thousand dollar exoskeleton made in Isreal and not covered [...]

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Better student health can help reduce education shortcomings

Congratulations to our CCMS member, Janice D. Key and the medical director for DHEC, Katherine J. Richardson's piece in  Post & Courier. It’s such a positive story about CCMS’s efforts, and suggest an important, enduring role for our organization. Post & Courier article clip:  BY JANICE D. KEY and KATHERINE RICHARDSON Kudos to Todd Garrett, a Charleston County School Board member who in his March 6 commentary addressed the fact that too many of our students are falling behind. Despite investing a tremendous amount of money and energy in different academic programs, not enough of our students are achieving grade level [...]

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Register Today for the 3rd Annual CCMS Symposium What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor Today?

The new date for the 3rd annual symposium has been set to Thursday, February 9th, 2017. CCMS has proudly hosted two CME over events the last couple of years and we are gearing up for our 3rd Annual CCMS Symposium to be held on Thursday, October 6, 2016 February 9th, 2017. We listened to attendee feedback and have put together a program to address the burning question “What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor Today?”.  We do not know if anyone can truly answer this question but our speakers will certainly try.  Registration is open and we hope [...]

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Dr. Joseph Krainin

A CCMS member, Dr. Joseph Krainin, wants to put the power of health care back into the hands of patients. “We want to take health care out of the forced algorithms of insurances and hospital protocols,” said Dr. Joseph Krainin, founder of Singular Sleep. “When I had a traditional practice, I was just facing an unwinnable battle helping people get the treatment they needed.” Singular Sleep, a telehealth startup, offers online consultations and home sleep testing services in 13 states and hopes to be in all 50 states within one year. The provider accepts no insurance. By removing third-party payers from [...]

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Letter from CCMS President, Shane Woolf, MD

Dear Fellow Charleston County Physician, On behalf of the Charleston County Medical Society board and our staff, I hope you are having a great year. With summer in full swing there is a lot I would like to share with you about CCMS activities so far this year, as well as a few dates to mark on your calendar. Here are but a few of the CCMS events and activities so far this year: Ongoing work with South Carolina Medical Association leadership and lobbyists to advocate for the medical physicians of our county CCMS sent a strong delegation to the [...]

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Charleston Strong

This weekend will mark the one year anniversary of Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston which changed the lives of so many.   There has been much sadness due to the tragic event while there as also been tremendous healing and the grace shown by so many.  The medical society encourages harmony among races, religions, nationalities, ethnicities and upbringings. Our biologic similarities vastly outnumber our superficial differences.  Let Charleston continue to be a shining example of love and peace for the world. The Charleston community knows first hand how the Orlando community is feeling in the aftermath of their own senseless [...]

Thank you CCMS delegates!

Thank you to all CCMS members who took the time to attend the SCMA Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach last weekend and serve as delegates for the Society!  Your commitment to organized medicine and your participation at the meeting is greatly appreciated! Pictured:  Shane Woolf, Todd Schlesinger, Cynthia Jones, Andy Pate, Margaret Mays, John Corless, Ettaleah Bluestein, F. Cleave Ham and Janice Key Not Pictured:  Alex Ramsay, Biemann Othersen, Andrew Davidson, Ann Abel, Don Hurley, Joseph John and Byron Williams

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CCMS reaches out to SC Medical Societies

The Legal Affairs Committee of the Charleston County Medical Society is sending this letter to the directors and presidents of South Carolina Medical Societies. Download the PDF CCMS request to endorse S1521 or view the letter in a popup box Dear Medical Society, The Legislative Committee of the Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) is spearheading a project to advance the Charity Care Expansion Act of 2015. This bill (S.1521) was introduced in the Senate of the United States by Senator Tim Scott (SC) and co-sponsored by Senator Rand Paul (KY). The bill would amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow [...]

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CCMS endorses the Charity Care Expansion Act of 2015 (S.1521)

The Legislative Committee of the Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) is spearheading a project to advance the Charity Care Expansion Act of 2015.  This bill (S.1521) was introduced in the Senate of the United States by Senator Tim Scott (SC) and co-sponsored by Senator Rand Paul (KY). The bill would amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow physicians to have a tax deduction for charitable care provided equal to the amount the physician would have otherwise been paid. This bill would create a simple avenue and incentive for doctors to provide uncompensated medical care, thereby improving and expanding access to [...]

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DocsAdopt Award Ceremony

We are excited to share with you that the Boeing Center for Children's Wellness is the recipient of Healthcare Leadership Council's 2015 Wellness Frontiers Award. This award recognizes organizations for implementing evidence-based wellness programs that prevent disease and improve the well-being of a population. HLC is coming to Charleston to host an award celebration on February 18, 2016. We hope that you can attend!

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DocsAdopt : Our School wellness program, launched in Charleston five years ago, to expand to 12 or more districts

A school health program involving the simple combination of a checklist, school wellness committees and relatively small, year-end incentive awards that started in Charleston is spreading across South Carolina. Source: School wellness program, launched in Charleston five years ago, to expand to 12 or more districts - Post and Courier

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Move IT! Charleston County hopes to bridge gap between medicine and wellness – Post and Courier

A key component of Move IT! is to bridge the gap from rehabilitation to a lifestyle of wellness that is both affordable and easily accessible. Dr. Valerie Scott, a physician with Mount Pleasant Family Practice that is part of Roper St. Francis Physician Partners, has referred 50 of her patients to Move IT! and recently presented the program, along with PRC Executive Director Tom O’Rourke, to the Medical Society of South Carolina. via Move IT! Charleston County hopes to bridge gap between medicine and wellness - Post and Courier.

DHEC Health Advisory: Measles Clinical Assessment, Testing and Infection Control Guidance for Ambulatory Care Providers

Please find attached a DHEC Health Advisory that provides information on: Summary of a large multi-state measles outbreak Clinical assessment Measles testing Ambulatory Infection Control Recommendations Resources for Additional Information Measles Clinical Assessment Guide DHEC contact information for reportable diseases and reporting requirements. DHEC Advisory: Measles Clinical Assessment

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CCMS School Health Committee and Docs Adopt Program

Dr. Kay Durst recognized for her work with Docs-Adopt and the Daniel Island School Dr. Kay Durst, MD She already had two boys, but Kay Durst was thoughtfully considering adopting. And though some would say she was perhaps overly ambitious to juggle a busy career as a family medicine physician with more kids, she would respond that it was because of her professional expertise that she would adopt a number of children. 1,300, to be exact. The Docs-Adopt program was launched in November 2010, when the Charleston County Medical Society and Charleston County School District partnered to pair [...]

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CME for Prescribing and Monitoring Controlled Substances

Mandatory for All South Carolina Licensed Physicians  Available at No Cost for the SC Physician Community As you are aware, the South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP), also known as Senate Bill 840, was signed into law on June 6, 2014.  Through this statute, South Carolina licensed physicians are required to obtain two continuing medical education credit hours related to the approved procedures of prescribing and monitoring controlled substances listed in Schedules II, III, and IV. As outlined by the legislature, the two hour requirement must be met before the end of the current license renewal cycle which is June 30, 2015. The SCMA is approved by [...]

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Guard against flu

This year’s influenza season is proving to be a severe one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC-P) recommends that everyone over six months of age receive an influenza vaccination each year. If you haven’t gotten yours, do it today. It is highly effective in either preventing flu or making the flu less severe. The vaccine cannot cause flu and usually produces no side effects or only a little soreness at the site of the injection. If you have already been vaccinated against flu, great — but remember to wash your hands regularly, cover coughs and sneezes with a [...]

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2013 Annual Membership Meeting

Charleston County Medical Society Cordially invites you and your guest to attend the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting and Installation of Clarence W. Legerton as President Thursday, November 7, 2013 7:00 o’clock pm Country Club of Charleston One Country Club Drive Charleston, South Carolina Special Guests Include: Dr. Bruce Snyder President of the SCMA Dr. Gerald Harmon AMA Board of Trustees Or you can also reserve your place by emailing Margaret Mays or call the CCMS office at 577-3613.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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