CCMS Members can feel proud of the fact that due to the success of our PPE PROJECT CCMS is able to award ….

As the founder of the PPE PROJECT CCMS receives an ongoing donation reflective of sales – which is used for scholarships for deserving medical students.

CCMS is pleased to announce that we will be awarding five cash scholarships to MUSC Medical Students. [Did you know that students can join CCMS for free?]

Each student will be given a $2000 check directly to be used toward whatever needs they may have.  We feel that this direct aid will be most useful in these extraordinary times (rather than a tuition credit from a pooled fund).

The criteria for these awards will be a discretionary mix of

  1. Academic Merit
  2. Financial Need
  3. Represent one student from each Class (MS 1/2/3)  and two students from the Graduating Class.

We plan to award these at our next Annual Meeting.

[Ed: Good luck students! Did you know that you can join CCMS for free?]