Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, President, Chair
Shane K. Woolf, MD, Vice – President
Andrew J. McMarlin, DO President- Elect
Marta T. Hampton, MD, Secretary / Treasurer
Alex Ramsay, MD, SCMA President
Todd Schlesinger, MD, SCMA Trustee
William (Bill) Simpson, MD, Public Health Standing Committee Chair
Charles (Sam) Holladay, MD, Policy and Procedures Standing Committee Chair
Eric S. Stem, MD, DCMS President
Kent J. Stock, CCMS Foundation Chair
Steve Schabel, MD, SC Board of Medical Examiners
James Tolley, MD, Member at Large
Kay H. Durst, MD, Member at Large
Nick Davidson, MD, DHEC Public Health Director

Inter Professional Relations Standing Committee 
Community Service Committee
Hospital Relations Committee -Todd Schlesinger, MD and Pat Kelly, MD
Medico – Legal Committee – Marcelo Hochman, MD
Women in Medicine Committee – Kay Durst, MD and Amber Sturges, MD

Public Health Standing Committee – Bill Simpson, MD
Disaster & EMS Advisory Committee – John Walters, MD
Environmental Health Committee – Robert Ball, MD
Health Disparities Committee – Thad Bell, MD and Marta Hampton, MD
School Health Committee – Janice Key, MD and Katharyn Ouzts, MD

Legislative Affairs Standing Committee – Marcelo Hochman, MD and  Cleave Ham, MD

Policy and Procedures Standing – Bill Simpson, MD
Membership Committee – Sam Holladay, MD and Kent Stock, MD
Constitution and Bylaws – Biemann Othersen, MD.
Nominations Committee – Chip Legerton, MD