The directive to ‘fend for yourselves’ in obtaining adequate PPE has come down from the top of government. As Federal and State agencies and hospital systems are given priority and vie for the same supplies, individual DOCTORS and our practices have been left behind. In a pre-COVID newsletter I wrote about the importance of ‘collective activism’ in pursuit of common legislative priorities.

I am proud of how we, as DOCTORS, regardless of place of employment or type of practice have collectively mobilized to help ourselves, our practices and our patients. CCMS set the stage, and by including all the Doctors of South Carolina, has created a way forward to sustain us over the coming months. From the initial idea to the membership survey to the ‘live launch’ of the PPE PROJECT URGENT BULLETIN took a remarkable 10 days. In a future UPDATE we will share
details of who, how, where and when this came about. The WHY is painfully obvious.

As of today, we have been able to order 295,040 units of respirators, masks and gowns. We hope to add shields and gloves soon. Our PPE is being fabricated as you read this and will be shipped via air cargo to the distribution sites within the next 10-14 days. We are all anxious to receive our orders; we will keep you posted daily.

I believe that on the other side of this crisis many good things will come to DOCTORS and our patients. For now, know that collectively we can do things that individually we cannot.

CCMS is working hard for you.

Marcelo Hochman MD
Charleston County Medical Society