The Charleston County Medical Society serves as a resource for physician referrals, legislative representation, physician advocacy, and community involvement.

What some of our members say:

What the Charleston County Medical Society has done to benefit the medical community?

The PPE mobilization project comes to mind immediately as a specific example. Also, being the collective voice of physicians in Charleston County, including legislative advocacy for the integrity and preservation of the profession of medicine and the physician-patient relationship. As it states in the “corporate purpose” section of the CCMS Bylaws — …” including focusing on advocacy, public health, education, and preservation of the values of the medical profession…”

Why am I a member of the CCMS?

I am a member of CCMS for a number of reasons: to be part of organized medicine, and to add my voice to the collective voice of physicians in the Charleston community – as physicians, we are stronger when we stand together; advocacy for the values of the medical profession, the integrity of the physician-patient relationship, and public health; collegiality with physicians in the Charleston area, regardless of the type of practice or medical system affiliation; connection of the county medical society to statewide physicians via the S.C. Medical Association.

Dr. Cleave Ham


Surgeon General

Lectures on Professionalism (symposium)

Dr. Marcelo Hochman

“The Charleston County Medical Society is comprised of resourceful individuals working to meet the needs of the community.  This team not only listens but actively engages community partners in the pursuit of health and wellness for all.”



Erin Scherder, Ed.D., School Psychologist II

Mental Health Project Coordinator

MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness

Erin Scherder, Ed.D., School Psychologist II, Member School Health Committee

The Charleston County Medical Society is a place for physicians to come together on behalf of the committee.  Specifically, the CCMS School Health Committee has advised the Charleston County School District in all matters regarding health for approximately 50 years for issues ranging from infectious diseases to mental health.  I am glad to have stepped into the shoes of CCMS members who helped keep our kids healthy in years past and look forward to young physicians carrying on our work into the future.

Dr. Janice Key

First the CMS has done a lot through our low country jazz and the Close the gap for disparity in healthcare. CMS has given back to the docs adopt program and for helping kids and school be healthy. 

I personally have enjoyed the fellowship but like being a part of many types of Dr in many hospital systems. Also I have loved the community involvement.

Dr. Kay Durst

The Charleston County Medical Society is an organization where you can get the latest update on current medical issues and know that it is reliable information.  It is also a platform where you can send out information to the community or colleagues.

I believe we need to have a greater presence in the community with projects, services, etc. so that our colleagues see our logo and want to get involved!  

The reason I became a member of CCMS was to make a difference in the medical world at a time when we were being challenged from all angles namely the legislature, insurance companies, drug companies, lobbyists, etc.  Uniting physicians and keeping us united is my goal via CCMS.

I feel that our membership keeps going down every year because members ask what I get for this cost other than dinner at the annual meeting.   I ask myself what can we provide that really hits the heart of every doctor or practice in 2023?   Advertisement on the website, articles to share, temp services to practices when they need a fill-in due to short or sick staff-can get this project started with the help of the CCMS spouse association, connect with colleagues of different specialties- get opinions on cases before referring, “I have a question about …” etc?   These are just some thoughts.  I feel that our number one priority is to increase our membership because without them we have no society.

Dr. Marta Hampton

The Charleston County Medical Society has benefitted the Charleston Medical community, as well as the community at large,  by allowing an organization (CCMS) to advocate for patients without any sense of competition. There are 4 medical major medical systems in the Charleston metropolitan area and Physicians associated with those systems have an allegiance that does not put the patient first. The Charleston County Medical Society improves communication with the Charleston government as well as with patients.  Thus, when the emergency medical system was being developed, the  Charleston County Medical Society played a major role in its formation.

I have been a member of the Charleston County medical society for many years and I do it to improve communication and to put our patients first.

COMMUNICATION is a key function of the CCMS.

Dr. Biemann Othersen

Since 2019, the MUSC Youth Collaborative has been a proud member of the Charleston County Medical Society’s School Health Committee. Our clinical services, research opportunities, and educational programs are just some of the ways our team actively addresses youth substance use. Through this committee, we can collaborate with other community organizations to provide multiple resources for youth and families in our area.                    


Ren Rountree, Community Outreach Coordinator for MUSC Youth Collaborative   

Ren Rountree, Community Outreach Coordinator for MUSC Youth Collaborative ,


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