Inter-Professional Relations Standing Committee

This Committee will oversee all CCMS activities related to the roles of physicians in the community

Community Service Committee

Works to improve services to the community and design a plan to provide medical care to the indigent population within Charleston County

Hospital Relations Committee

Works to develop and maintain effective and constructive communications between Medical University and private components of the Charleston medical community

Medico-Legal Committee

Periodically meets with the Charleston County Bar Association to discuss mutual interests and advise, if possible, members on medical/legal questions.

[View activity…]

Young Physicians Committee

Women in Medicine Committee

Provides an opportunity for women to meet and discuss mutual interest

Public Health Standing Committee
Disaster & Emergency Care Committee

Coordinates the disaster plans in area)

Public Health / Environmental Health Committee [View activity…]
Health Disparities Committee

Addresses issues that affect minorities. [View activity…]

School Health Committee

An advisory board to Charleston County School District on medical issues [View activity…]

Legislative Affairs Standing Committee

This Committee will coordinate the activities of the CCMS with local, state and national lawmakers. The purpose will be to inform members about political issues that affect physicians and their practice, inform legislators about health-related issues, and educate the public about the health implications of legislative actions [View activity… ]

Policy & Procedures Standing Committee
Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Prepares constitutional and by-laws changes as directed by the Executive Committee or the Society

Membership Committee

Works on recruitment of all physicians in Charleston County area and retention of all current members

Nominations Committee
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