Reflecting on Men’s Mental Health and PTSD Awareness Month

As we approach the end of June, a month dedicated to raising awareness about men's mental health and PTSD treatment, it is important to consider the influence these issues have on our lives.  This month has provided an opportunity to educate ourselves, support those affected, and promote a culture of understanding and compassion within our community. The month of June marks the beginning of summer breaks and vacations for many.  I hope you are practicing water safety and staying mindful of heat events as you enjoy your summer. Please join CCMS in registering for the SCMA opioid/substance abuse [...]

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Mark Your Calendars for “Screenagers Under the Influence”

Mark your calendars!  The Social Emotional Learning Alliance for South Carolina (SEL4SC) and Charleston County School District (CCSD) are hosting screenings of the documentary film "Screenagers Under the Influence."  This documentary addresses vaping and drug use in the digital age, examining how technology influences substance use among teenagers.  Summer screening opportunities will be available in July 2024.  Please see below: Dates: Wednesday, July 17 and Friday, July 26 Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm Location: Charleston County School for the Arts, 5109 W Enterprise St B, North Charleston, SC 29405

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Congratulations to MUSC’s 2024 Graduating Class!

Congratulations to MUSC's 2024 graduating class!  We wish you great success in your career and all your future endeavors.  For friends and family members who cannot attend the Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 18, 2024, you can watch it via live stream at 10:00 a.m. here.  Also, Rose Delores Gibbs, M.D., the first Black woman to graduate from MUSC's College of Medicine, is scheduled to speak at the commencement ceremonies.  Read More Here... Again, our thoughts and heartfelt congratulations are with you. - Kay Durst, MD, FAAFP

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Call for Physician Involvement in Community Outreach

The City of Charleston Health and Wellness Advisory Committee is eager to engage more physicians in community outreach efforts.  It wishes to enhance awareness of the various resources available to the community.  Please take a moment to review what options are available from DHEC and Healthy Tri-County. DHEC Resources: Heat-Related Illness Dashboard Prevent Vehicular Stroke City of Charleston Sunscreen Initiative Overdose Biosurveillance Dashboard SC Opioids Trend Dashboard Just Pain Killers Healthy Tri-County Resources: Trident United Way Resources Healthy Tri-County Website Healthy Tri-County: Become a Member

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Celebrate Mental Health Month!

Happy Mother's Day to all of our members who are mothers!  As we step into May, a month dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and celebrating physical fitness and sports, I find it essential to reflect on how these areas impact our professional and personal lives. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to reiterate our dedication to mental health.  Mental health, a crucial aspect of our overall well-being, often doesn't receive the attention it deserves in the medical community. Let's use this opportunity to educate ourselves and our patients about the importance of mental health care. [...]

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Interview with Dr. Durst

Summary: On the Health Links Podcast, hosted by DJ Thatcher, Dr. K Durst discusses the vital role of the Charleston County Medical Society in South Carolina, emphasizing its long history since 1749, efforts in physician wellness, and initiatives like the "Closing the Gap in Healthcare" program led by Dr. Thaddeus Bell to address health disparities, particularly in minority communities.

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President’s Corner- Significant Health Observances

As we bid farewell to the first month of 2024, I trust you've had a joyful and safe start to the New Year, filled with joyous moments and connection with your loved ones. Here's to hoping the year is brimming with exciting possibilities and memorable experiences for you and your family. Thank you to all CCMS members and sponsors, the SCMA, and Dr. Gerry Harmon for attending the 2023 Annual Meeting.  We also enjoyed spending time with you at the January Medical Mingle and look forward to more in 2024.  Stay tuned for upcoming member events throughout the [...]

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President’s Corner- 2023 Annual Meeting and Other Updates

Exciting news!  Our Annual Meeting on November 16th, 2023, is just around the corner, and we can't wait to see you there.  It's an excellent chance for networking and idea sharing.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  We're thrilled to announce the launch of the new CCMS Mentorship Program,  Physicians in Training (PIT), where experienced doctors will guide and support medical students.  Also, remember to attend our Medical Mingle Socials for some fun and connection. We look forward to a great day on November 16th!  Please RSVP by Friday, November 3, 2023. I appreciate your dedication to the CCMS.  Please reach out to us if [...]

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President’s Corner- Focus on Your Health

I hope September is going well for you.  This month is the beginning of fall flu season and COVID.  Please take care of yourselves.   September is women's physician month and physician suicide prevention month.  Please focus on your physical and mental health- reserve time to pause and rest.  If you or a colleague are struggling, please get in touch with a mentor or the physician's health line.  You are an essential part of health care, and we want to uplift physicians and reduce burnout. Thanks to all who worked hard to support the Lowcountry Jazz Festival and Closing [...]

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President’s Corner- The CCMS Mentorship Program

August is such an exciting time!  We still have a few weeks of summer left and an opportunity to prepare for the school year and football season.  I hope you are focused on healthy eating, wellness, and a Personal Health Improvement Project (PHIP). CCMS is spearheading a new mentorship program called Physicians in Training (PIT).  The CCMS PIT Mentorship Program Needs You!  Register here to become a PIT Mentor or email our Executive Director, Tracey Waring, if you have any questions. CCMS is looking forward to September and the Lowcountry Jazz Festival.  There will be a white party at the new [...]

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President’s Corner- Enjoy the Summertime

As the end of June comes to a close and we approach the beginning of July, we will never forget what the term JULY 1 means as a resident and an attending.  Good thoughts and many wishes to our graduating students, residents, and those who help train future doctors. We are excited about all the work behind the scenes with CCMS.  We look forward to our Lowcountry Jazz collaboration with Closing the Gap in Health Care in September.  Get ready for the Lowcountry Jazz Festival, more news to come regarding tickets for you.  Many thanks to our hard-working Health Committee [...]

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President’s Corner – Happy Physician Week

Happy Physician week. Thanks for all you do. Also thanks for all your work. Happy Doctors day March 30th. Did you know that the first Doctors’ Day observance was on March 28, 1933, in Winder, Georgia? It was started by a group of the Medical Alliance. The law was passed on October 30, 1990, designating Doctors' Day as a national holiday on March 30th. Physician week was started in 2017. March 25-31. So thanks for all your hard work and go celebrate you and wish your colleagues Happy Doctors’ Day.    Kay Kay Durst, MD, FAAFP [...]

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President’s Corner March 2023

What a great month! We had so much to be thankful for as we celebrated Black History Month, Women’s Physician Day, and Red Heart Healthy Month. We had some great collaboration among our Board of Directors and members. We were able to honor some of the first African Americans that graduated from MUSC medical school. We were also able to collaborate more with Dr. Thaddeus Bell and his Lowcountry Jazz Festival, and Closing the Gap in Health Care which will be a continuing project and we will highlight the jazz festival which is held in September. The money raised [...]

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President’s Message November 2022

Dear members, Let me start by giving gratitude for all your accomplishments and dedication to serving others. Thank you for your membership and service to our organization, our community, and the health of individuals. We are so excited of our new version of the Charleston Medical Society. We are excited for all our new ideas and support. We had a wonderful annual meeting. We were able to hear from leaders in their fields and leaders in our organization. Dr. Janice Key ,one of our past presidents, and school leader of our Docs Adopt program and wellness in schools [...]

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2021 Summer Newsletter

  Summertime - and the livin’ is getting’ easier! We’re all relieved that the pandemic is finally waning and our personal and professional lives are returning to normal.  Thus,, the local effort by CCMS to procure and distribute PPE to keep Doctors’ practices open and which grew to a national effort supplying over 4 million units of PPE is winding down.  We are incredibly proud of the project which showed, once again, that ‘bottom up’ solutions are the most effective in solving problems.  CCMS has benefited financially and with great national recognition (take a look at all these [...]

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