Dr. Joseph Krainin

Last Updated: October 27, 2016Categories: Member Highlights0.7 min read

CCMS-Member-dr-Joseph-KraininA CCMS member, Dr. Joseph Krainin, wants to put the power of health care back into the hands of patients.

“We want to take health care out of the forced algorithms of insurances and hospital protocols,” said Dr. Joseph Krainin, founder of Singular Sleep. “When I had a traditional practice, I was just facing an unwinnable battle helping people get the treatment they needed.”

Singular Sleep, a telehealth startup, offers online consultations and home sleep testing services in 13 states and hopes to be in all 50 states within one year. The provider accepts no insurance.

By removing third-party payers from the equation, and making access to diagnosis and treatment more convenient, Krainin’s hope is to help more people receive care.


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