President’s Corner- Enjoy the Summertime

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As the end of June comes to a close and we approach the beginning of July, we will never forget what the term JULY 1 means as a resident and an attending.  Good thoughts and many wishes to our graduating students, residents, and those who help train future doctors.

We are excited about all the work behind the scenes with CCMS.  We look forward to our Lowcountry Jazz collaboration with Closing the Gap in Health Care in September.  Get ready for the Lowcountry Jazz Festival, more news to come regarding tickets for you.  Many thanks to our hard-working Health Committee team.

We are looking forward to some more fun Medical Mingles where we can gather and get together.   The next Medical Mingle is on July 12th, join us for fun and fellowship.

Enjoy the summertime with family and friends- get outdoors for some exercise to care for yourself as you heal others.  There are great opportunities in the community to work with creative arts and healing for ourselves and our families, with many concerts and art events available.


I appreciate your dedication to the CCMS, and please reach out to us if you need anything. Many thanks to our Administrators, Tracey Waring and Tom Steenhuysen, who work hard behind the scenes.

Please let us know how we can help with anything.


Kay Durst, MD, FAAFP

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