Click the link below to schedule directly: https://mychart.musc.edu/mychart/openscheduling/SignupAndSchedule/EmbeddedSchedule?vt=11353&id=38335 Reason for visit: COVID VAX Insurance info - This is not a hard stop on the form.  Enter something. Use your mobile phone number as the contact number Take a screenshot of the appointment confirmation for your records. Bring some sort of identification that shows you are a healthcare worker (employment badge, a letter from medical practice, healthcare license), etc.  This is an honor system. -- Marcelo Hochman, MD President, CCMS

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How Do Independent Physicians Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The SCMA has been sending out information on registering to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for several weeks. With the arrival of the vaccine this week, physicians have had many questions these last few days. Below is a list of the questions we are getting a lot of, along with the answers, in hopes of helping everyone through this process. Please note #3: How does my office receive the vaccine for our practice - physicians and staff? First and foremost, you cannot be in the pool to receive the vaccine if you do not enroll in the vaccine program. To [...]

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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Physicians and Staff

Please see the latest information from DHEC regarding physician and staff enrollment for the COVID-19 Vaccine Read: Vaccine Enrollment Letter (11-19-2020) Read: COVID19 Vaccine Enrollment Letter Dr. Linda Bell (10-28-2020)

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